Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lacey still hasnt returned yet

So I went back to sleep for a few and lacey still isnt back yet now that Im awake but the storm stopped thank god nothing else strange has happened Im waiting for the 24 hour mark to pass because lacey isnt considered a missing person since shes an adult until 24 hours atleast has gone by....I am really getting worried. I tried calling her again straight to voice mail like before I left another message...I still have my bat with me. I think I am going to see if my friend rashelle can come over I dont like this being alone business.

Okay so weird shit

Umm woke up to a storm its storming so bad and its not even daylight out yet and I cant go back to sleep ....Lacey is gone but her purse and money is all still here. I tried to call her phone but it sent me straight to voice mail. I left a msg Ill try to call again later. Im scared I dont know whats going on but I made sure all the doors were locked and windows bolted....I have a bat at the ready just incase and I have a mean swing. Omg I hope nothing comes Im to scared tp think straight right now... I am going to take my bat and go downstairs to get some hot coco maybe it and an advil will calm my headache and nerves. well Ill keep posting if I can

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Now Lacey shows me some awesome videos

So I went to the kitchen to grab something to eat and lacey comes running from her room to the kitchen saying how I had to watch these awesome videos on youtube she found. The account to which the videos are posted is called MarbleHornets. So Anyways I grabbed my food and decided to watch them with her we started at the beggining of the videos posted I was abit bored at first so I asked her how many videos there were she she told me 36 I was like wtf I am not watching 36 frikken videos ok but she told me to be oatient and keep watching and gave me those cute puppy dog eyes needless to say.... I could not resist so I watched them. Whats strange is some of the area in the videos look very familiar to me I havent figured out exactly why yet. I think maybe some were in a like erm a camping park or something anyways. Well I am off to sleep now. After watching those strange vids I hope I dont have nightmares. geez but anyways ni ni all. Till tomorrow.

life and stuff at present

Alright so I work at a petstore for privacy reasons I am not naming which one. I work as a Dog Bather. My manager has really gotten on my nerves today think god Im off work now and home. I live in a house in a subdivision with my roomate, Lacey. Lacey can sometimes be really annoying but non the less I like her alot. Lacey and I have been friends since preschool pretty much. She is one year older then me. I am 22 and that means she is 23. Anyways like today I get home and she was on my computer she even has her own laptop and she didnt wait to ask my permision. So now I am going to password protect it, I mean its not like she was doing anything detramental just playing a game but still I sortof felt like she was being disrespectful just because we been friends forever and sure if she had asked I would have said yes that doesnt mean she has the right to get on my computer with out doing the respectful thing first and asking me. So I talked to her about it and told her how I felt in as calm a manner as I could and told her I was going to pasword protect my comp and that if she wanted to get on it she needed to ask me first. She agreed and appologised and even took me out to dinner her treat, which she didnt have to do but she insisted. Well so we went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings omg there food is soooo good. Thanks to Lacey my night was much better then the day I had.